lördag 14 juli 2012

Vinyl storage.

So, it's time for me and my family to move again. In the blog where I wrote earlier I made a post about vinyl storage and how I would solve it the last time we moved (three years ago). When we moved I could use only the wooden cases but as the collection has grown I had to put them in an IKEA Expedit, which works great. I hope though that I'll be able to get something where I can browse all the records like in those wooden cases.

This is how it looks in the wooden cases

I've placed some gatefold records in gatefold PVC sleeves in the Expedit.

Where we're moving though we'll have two living rooms where one will be devoted to music and the record collection.

I wrote about these in the previous blog as well:

Where we are moving now, I'll probably have enough space for them. They are quite expensive though, and I can't seem to find them in Europe, so shipping from the US is just not an option. What I plan to do now is by some material and try to build a few of these. Can't be that hard, can it?

If someone has any other tips on record storage I'll gladly receive it!

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