lördag 30 juli 2011

In the mail yesterday.

Yesterday I received two indie/alternative rock classics in the mail.

Sugar - Copper Blue
This Creation Records release from 1993 is the third album Bob Mould released after his Hüsker Dü split up. After two solo albums he formed Sugar and their debut is classic 90's indie rock. Most people are probably familiar with the biggest hit from the album:

Hüsker Dü - Warehouse: Songs And Stories
This double album proved to be the last release from Hüsker Dü. There is not much trace of the hardcore punk, that the band started out playing, on this record. This also features one of the best-known Hüsker Dü songs, "Could You Be The One".

This is actually the first Hüsker Dü vinyl I've bought so far. So I guess I'll have to get "Candy Apple Grey" and work my way backwards in their discography. Can't wait for their masterpiece "New Day Rising":)

tisdag 26 juli 2011

What a day!

Two of my most anticipated this year are from my metal favourites Opeth and Mastodon who are both releasing new albums this fall.

Today both bands released the first songs from their respective albums.

Here you'll find Opeth's song "The Devil's Orchard" from the upcoming album "Heritage", which will feature only clean singing. The second album Opeth has released without growls.

And here's the new Mastodon track:

fredag 22 juli 2011


I don't think anyone can blame me for not having a broad taste in music. More or less any genre is represented in my record collection. There are anything from classical vinyls (Mozart, Wagner etc.) to hip-hop (2pac, Beastie Boys etc.) to pop music (ABBA, A-ha etc.), and pretty much anything in between. Something that I don't have a whole lot of though is what might could be called as dance pop?

I mean in the vein of the brilliant Swedish artist Robyn. Today I received this album in the mail:
It completed my Robyn vinyl collection as I already had the Body Talk compilation. I don't think that there are any other releases from her on vinyl, other than some 12" remix stuff that I'm not that interested in.

Like I said I don't own a lot of records in this genre but after witnessing Robyn live on the Access All Areas conference a few years back I was so impressed by the performance that she instantly got a new fan. I saw her again at the Way Out West festival in 2009 and that was an even better concert! (You can't fail if you have  Dr. Alban performing with you;))

onsdag 20 juli 2011


So a lot has happened in my life since I last updated this blog. Not only has the record collection continued to grow, but also the family has grown. With the addition my beautiful baby boy to the family I thought that my vinyl listening times would be more rare, turns out it's the other way around.

In our appartment we have two seperate living rooms. Each one is on seperate floors on the loft living room where we have our sofa and TV gets really hot this time of year so we don't want to expose our little one to that. Instead we've been hangin in our little record corner playing records to him more or less all day long.

It looks promising as it really sooths him to have music on and dancing around in his fathers arms (well I do most of the dancing, he's just lying there with a funny look on his face). His favourite so far is either Iron Maiden or Frank Zappa (I try to tell myself at least).

It actually looks like he could be a future death metal singer (at least he has the right looks for it, with the horns and all).

So hopefully this won't be me in a few years: