fredag 22 juli 2011


I don't think anyone can blame me for not having a broad taste in music. More or less any genre is represented in my record collection. There are anything from classical vinyls (Mozart, Wagner etc.) to hip-hop (2pac, Beastie Boys etc.) to pop music (ABBA, A-ha etc.), and pretty much anything in between. Something that I don't have a whole lot of though is what might could be called as dance pop?

I mean in the vein of the brilliant Swedish artist Robyn. Today I received this album in the mail:
It completed my Robyn vinyl collection as I already had the Body Talk compilation. I don't think that there are any other releases from her on vinyl, other than some 12" remix stuff that I'm not that interested in.

Like I said I don't own a lot of records in this genre but after witnessing Robyn live on the Access All Areas conference a few years back I was so impressed by the performance that she instantly got a new fan. I saw her again at the Way Out West festival in 2009 and that was an even better concert! (You can't fail if you have  Dr. Alban performing with you;))

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