torsdag 21 november 2013

Organizing the record collection.

I got a couple of new cases yesterday. I've had a lot of records everywhere in the house at the moment because they don't fit in the cases I've got because they are full already. I've had to improvise with some beer cases and other things. Now I can put in all the records that haven't fit into the old cases into the system... the problem is how to organize? 

I'm having everything in alphabetical order at the moment but I have been thinking about organizing either by genre or by year... dilemmas of a record collector... 

söndag 10 november 2013

Smashing Pumpkins - Aeroplane Flies High

Earlier this week I received this beauty! I bought it on Discogs. This release isn't that hard to find. What's so special about this one though is that it's still sealed! That's not too normal for a 17 year old release I think... 

This box set was re-released earlier this year and when a "rare" release like this is re-issued they either fall in price or increase even more. They fall in price as it's now available again for maybe a smaller price (the re-issue is quite pricey though...), or they increase in price as some collectors really want an original issue and are reminded of the record when the re-issue is out.

I've been wanting this box set for quite some time and as I finally found one that is sealed, I may still have to get one that is opened. I can't split the seal on this one! That's how a record collector thinks, and it's insane I know...