tisdag 23 april 2013

A busy summer!

This summer will be pretty awesome! I have quite a few great shows to look forward to.

In June I'll see Neurosis for the first time, two weeks after that Iron Maiden plays in Stockholm on their "Maiden England" tour, one week after that there is the Slottsfjell festival here in Tonsberg and late in July Smashing Pumpkins are coming to Oslo!

The biggest act for me at Slottsfjell is without a doubt, Converge. I consider all four of these bands to be among my, maybe, top ten favourite bands so it'll be an incredible month!

And as if this isn't enough we also have tickets for the Black Sabbath show in November. Quite the year 2013...

söndag 21 april 2013

Skogen Brinner - 1st

This might be the best record of 2013! I've been a fan of Skogen Brinner for quite some time now and I have the two releases prior to this debut album, a cassette EP and a 7" single. On these two releases there are five songs (six if you include the cover of Black Sabbath's "Electric Funeral") and four of these are also on the album, this means five new songs.

"1st", which is the name of the album, is packed with cool fuzzy riffs. Most of the songs would stsnd strong as single tracks and they tiw together really well to get that album feel.

I wrote about the cassette that it was the perfect combination of Black Sabbath and Pugh Rogefeldt (I've seen this beeing mentioned a lot in other reviews as well) and it's still a fitting description. One of the greatest bands of all time and one of my favourite Swedish musicians, "1st" couldn't be better!

I must also mention that this album is released on Subliminal Sounds, a label that always delivers incredible stuff!

Record Store Day

Yesterday was the annual Record Store Day all over the world. The Garden was of course participating in the celebrations and we had an incredible day in both of our stores. It exceeded all of our expectations.

This year there were an insane amount of releases. I only got one for myself... I got the new single from David Bowie. It's a double A-sided with the songs "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" and "Where Are We Now", both taken from his brilliant last album "The Next Day".

There were a few releases more that I wanted, the re-issue of At The Drive-In's "Relationship In Command" and GZA's "Liquid Swords" in a really cool new version with a chess game and other stuff. We weren't able to get these in our store though. Hopefully they can arrive at a later point.