söndag 23 september 2012


The record collection is just one big mess at the moment... Can't wait to start sorting and categorizing:-)

lördag 15 september 2012

Katatonia - Dead End Kings Special edition

This is the new album from Katatonia. It comes in  what is called a special book edition. I came to think about that a lot of records have a special edition version that is exactly that. This is the third one I've got so far this year (both the Baroness and Dead Can Dance albums came in book editions) and I also await a book edition of the Converge album. 

Anyways,  this is a really cool edition with CD, DVD and 2x10" vinyls. It also comes with an autographed certificate! Very cool indeed! As for the actual music it's too early to give a verdict as I've only listened to the album a couple of times but it sounds really promising. It follows the successful recipe of their previous albums.

The autographed certificate.

måndag 10 september 2012

Neurosis - Honor Found In Decay

Converge is not the only supposedly album to be released in October, it may not even be the best!!

After five years it's finally time for a new Neurosis album! It's titled "Honor Found In Decay" and here's a sneak peak:

I can't think of a more perfect soundtrack to dark fall and winter nights than Neurosis. This will be great!

Both Neurosis and Converge are bands that I collect as well so hopefully I won't get ruined this fall... Neurosis hasn't released any pre-order info or anything yet. Let's hope they don't, until the 20th of September when I get paid!

Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind

Not short after the first song was released we were given more information about the album and were also given the option to pre-order the album.

As always when it comes to Converge tons of different versions of the album are available. I settled for a few of them. The special edition CD (comes in a book):

And some vinyls in different colours.
I can't wait to get my hands on this. This may very well be the album of 2012!

söndag 9 september 2012

Bob Dylan - Tempest

Bob Dylan is worshipped by a lot of people who consider him one of the greatest. I'm not one of them... This is may be because I haven't heard too much of his music as I haven't bothered with a lot of it. This is only my fourth Dylan album, all the others are good though... I just don't get the brilliance, but then again lyrics for me aren't as important as for most people so I think I miss some points.

Anyways... Bob Dylan has released a new album! At the age 71 he's still going strong. This is a good album. Dylan doesn't sound tired or old at all, I think I may have to dig deeper into this man's catlogue...

Converge - Aimless Arrow.

The first song of Converge's forthcoming album "All We Love We Leave Behind" has been released:

The song "Aimless Arrow" sounds incredibly promising. The song has been out for a week or so so I've had the chance to give it quite a few listens and it feels like a blend of the last album's (Axe To Fall) straightforwardness and the darkness of 2004's "You Fail Me", amazing!