onsdag 4 mars 2015

A look in the rearview mirror. -February 2015

February was great in regards of vinyl releases. Three of my absolute favourite SONGWRITERS all released new albums last month.

Steve Earle - Terraplane
It's only in recent years that I've discovered this brilliant man. Actually his amazing 2011 album "I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive" was the first album I really listened to and I was sold instantly. Since then I've aqcuired his entire discography and he's grown to be one of my favourites and he's probably the one I've spun the most in the last few years.
Terraplane is a blues album so it's a bit different from some of his albums, even though there has always been a hint of the blues. A great album and an interesting one.

Thåström - Den Morronen
The greatest Swedish artist ever? Playing in Ebba Grön in the 70s and Imperiet in the 80s he's a living legend in Swedish music. But the question is if he hasn't produce the best music of his career the last 10-15 years? I think so. What he's done since "Det är ni som är dom konstiga..." has been nothing short of amazing (although the last album "Beväpna Dig Med Vingar" doesn't really do it for me the same way as the others...). "Den Morronen" follows in the footsteps of the last couple of albums but it's a step forward compared to the last album for me. 

Bob Dylan - Shadows In The Night
Nothing needs to be said about his Bobness, right!? On this record he "uncover" (his words) songs that was made famous by the likes of Frank Sinatra. You wouldn't compare Dylan and Sinatra when it comes to vocals, would you? I really like the way Dylan approaches these songs and I think he makes great versions of them that really suits him. Great stuff!

tisdag 3 mars 2015

Two of my holy grails finally in my possession. Dungen!

I don't know if people who aren't collectors will understand this post...

Dungen is one of my favourite Swedish bands and has been so for quite some time! I've collected their stuff over the years and trying to get everything the band has released. At least all the vinyls...

There have been two releases that has been hard to find.

A few years ago they recorded a single together with Jack White for his single series on Thirdman Records. He always releases two versions.

One version is a "normal" 7" on black vinyl in X number of copies. This one was easliy aqcuired when it was released.

The other version however is a 7" and released as a "tri color" version on multi coloured vinyl. This version is released in only 150 copies, and I think it is only released to subscribers or something like that. I tried to get it early on but it was very expensive immediately.

And then there is of course Dungen's debut album...

Released in 2001 on Subliminal Records in Sweden in only 500 copies. This is the record that I've been looking for the most for a long long time. It's been available a couple of times to buy, but it's very expensive and I was never able to afford it...

Now I finally had the chance to get it through a trade, which cost me another great collectors item. But I had to trade a record that have been standing on my shelf eversince I bought it, never played, so I felt quite alright to trade it. It wasn't easy though...
The single and the debut. Finally in my hands!