lördag 4 januari 2014

Dungen collection.

So the January record a day theme is still going on on Instagram (obviously...). Today the theme was an artist or group that starts with the letter "D" and I decided to post a picture of my Dungen collection.

The pyschedelic pop/rock group is one of my favourites. They've released six albums so far and there are rumours of a new album this year. Let's hope the rumours are true and for yet another masterpiece! Nothing will to "Ta Det Lugnt" though...

If anyone has the first album on vinyl or the tri-coloured single "Ögon Näsa Mun" released by Jack White, please let me know and I'll get it of your hands!

fredag 3 januari 2014

First order of the year. Indian - From All Purity.

Today was supposed to be my first day back at work after christmas vacation. Last night I got ill though, so no work for me today.

I comforted myself today by ordering the first record of the year.
Relapse is releasing the fifth album by sludy, dystopic metal band Indian. A first listen is available and it really got me hooked:

torsdag 2 januari 2014

Robyn vinyls.

I got a smaller chock today!

Robyn's "S/T" and "Body Talk"
On Instagram there's a theme now to post one record a day in January. Everyday you have a theme to post and today's is guilty pleasures. I posted this picture of my Robyn vinyls. They're not really guilty pleasures as I think Robyn is really cool, but those were the ones I went with.

I decided to go and check discogs.com to see what the value of these two records were and I was really surprised. It looks like you have to pay between $100 and $200 to get them, and that's each! There are three copies of "Body Talk" on sale there now and they all cost over $300...

Now I know discogs isn't always that reliable but it looka like it might be this time, especially when they have added the sales stats to the release page, a really cool feature! Also a quick search on popsike.com shows sales for nearly $200 for each album...

onsdag 1 januari 2014

I could listen to vinyl...

The last spin of 2013, and the first of 2014.

Happy new year!

So 2014 is here and as music goes it looks to be a good year. Just check my previous post.

The last vinyl I played in 2013 was Locrian's "Return To Annihilation". It's some cool experimental black metal. Sounds a bit like Deafheaven at times.

The first spin if 2014 was the same as in 2013, Graveyard's "Lights Out". Maybe I have started a tradition now to always play this album as the first one every year? It's certainly worthy of such a tradition. It's a brilliant album!