söndag 10 november 2013

Smashing Pumpkins - Aeroplane Flies High

Earlier this week I received this beauty! I bought it on Discogs. This release isn't that hard to find. What's so special about this one though is that it's still sealed! That's not too normal for a 17 year old release I think... 

This box set was re-released earlier this year and when a "rare" release like this is re-issued they either fall in price or increase even more. They fall in price as it's now available again for maybe a smaller price (the re-issue is quite pricey though...), or they increase in price as some collectors really want an original issue and are reminded of the record when the re-issue is out.

I've been wanting this box set for quite some time and as I finally found one that is sealed, I may still have to get one that is opened. I can't split the seal on this one! That's how a record collector thinks, and it's insane I know...

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