måndag 16 juli 2012

Seigmen - Live at Total

During the 90's, Seigmen from Tønsberg was one of the biggest rock bands in Norway. They played the big stages and venues, until they split up in 1999.

Since then they have done a couple of re-union gigs, most noteably on the Slottfjell-festival six years ago and at the Opera in Oslo four years ago. Both of these shows were of course very well attended, with thousands of people coming to see them.

Last night they played a "secret" gig in their hometown (the town where me and my family lives). To get access to tickets you had to be invited to this special website that was originally linked in an e-mail, sent from the band. Luckily we have connections relatively close to the band so we got that e-mail. So with the tickets in our hands we could only start to look forward to a very special evening.

I should write a few words about the venue as well. Total opened it's doors around christmas in 2010. The venue/bar is run by the people behind the Slottsfjell festival here in Tønsberg so music is a huge part of this place. All over the walls are old concert flyers, posters and stuff. It's named after  one of Seigmen's albums. So it's a special place for the band to play, to say the least...

I don't know if the circumstances were the reason but the show started a bit slow. Both the band and the audience seemed a little hesitant, as if they didn't really know what to expect from each other, mind you that Seigmen hasn't played "at home" for six years. As the evening progressed, band and audience got more comfortable with one another and everyone was able to let lose a little. About halfway in, after a spectacular presentation of Marius Roth's vocal abilities (his an opera singer) the venue kind of explode and the next half hour or so showed me why Seigmen must be mentioned among the big ones in Norwegian rock.

I kind of envied the people in the audience who have grown up with the band, knowing every lyric etc. Norwegian music was never big in Sweden (which is kind of sad as it has a lot to offer), so I had never even heard of Seigmen before I moved here- I've heard a lot about and of them since though. I know the feeling of having this band that has been with you your whole life, in front of you on stage, where you never thought you'd see them again. It's a special feeling! I had no problems appreciating the experience last night though!

This intimate venue was the perfect setting for Seigmen to mark their return, as we got some surprises last night that might lead to something more...? They are now playing a few festival shows this summer, starting at the Slottsfjell festival on Thursday, where they will be performing in front of about 10 000 people (me and "the missus" included) instead of the 2-300 people that were present last night. The festival-goers will not have the same experience as we did last night and I feel privileged that I was there to witness the spectacle!

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