tisdag 17 juli 2012

A look ahead to the Slottsfjell festival.

With only two days until this years biggest happening in Tönsberg kicks-off I thought I would do a little "look ahead".

This year marks the 10th year anniversary for the festival so it should be something special. Already their first booking last year showed proof of this when they booked Seigmen, whom I wrote about yesterday. It's been a decent run of bookings since then as well. I'll go ahead and list the shows I plan to catch, day by day. You can find the entire program and everything else on the Slottsfjell festival website.

As this is the first time me and my girlfriend will attend the festival as parents (we missed last years festival as our son had just been born), we get one day where he'll have a sleep over at his grandmothers'. Thursday is this day so this will be the "party day".

Music wise the first day is probably the weakest one with only two "must sees" for me. These two are Rival Sons and Seigmen. That gives more time for socializing though so that's cool! I'll catch parts or the whole shows of a couple of others as well including Bare Egil Band, Janelle Monaé and Suicidal Tendencies. This evening will hopefully end at Total Bar, where an official Seigmen after party is being held. Hopefully we'll get there in time before the place is packed!

Friday is probably the strongest day, in good competition with Saturday. I have a couple of more must sees this day. This will also mean a lot more running up and down the hill, as Slottsfjell is held at a hill with stages both at the top of the hill and further down. The most interesting shows are usually held at the top, with the biggest stage situated in the middle of the hill (or can you call it a mountain?). I'll start at the top watching Black Tusk and probably hang around there to have a good spot for Tortoise. This is one of the shows I look forward to the most at the festival. I really hope to hear the song "Djed", from their masterpiece "Millions Now Living Will Never Die". There is one more must see this day and that is Wolfmother. Timubtu & Damn! usually puts on great and fun shows so I'll so most of that as well. And why not end the night dancing to Chase & Status?

Saturday starts quite slow as the first band I want to see starts at 16.45 and that is Graveyard. The Swedish hard rockers should put on a great show and besides the Tortoise concert this is really one to watch. Apart from Graveyard other must sees for me are: Gallows, Red Fang and New Order! I'll catch parts or the whole shows of: Daniel Norgren and Lissie.

What other bands are must sees? I don't know too much about some of the other ones...

See you at Fjellet!

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