lördag 21 juli 2012

Slottsfjell day two.

As stated in previous posts, Friday had a lot more to offer music wise than Thursday. First up was Black Tusk at the stage on top of the hill. The rain was pouring down and there was even some thunder and lightning which made the attendence a quite small one. The lucky ones who were there though got a great show as the band didn't let the weather slow them down.

It's amazing the quality stuff the town of Savannah, GA, has provided over the last few years. Kylesa, Baroness and Black Tusk. Is Savannah the sludge metal capital of the world?

Next up was Tortoise, a highly influentual 90's alternative band. If you haven't heard this band yet you're certain to have heard bands and artists influenced by them during the past decade or so. This is really good rhythmic instrumental post-rock/krautrock/indie/alternative... Call it what you want, it's good music!

Timbuktu and his band Damn! has a great ability to make people dance. That they did today as well. Great versions of some of his classic early 00's songs that I listened to a lot at the time.

After a short food break we were ready for some more punk metal. This time it was served by the canadians in Cancer Bats. They were ok, their sound was a bit too "american" and straight forward for me. They did a cool cover of Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" though.

One of the biggest signings the festival made this year, for me was Wolfmother. I've seen them twice before and they have always been great. This time wasn't that different either. The only small complaint I have with them is that when you have such a great set of tracks you can play from both of your albums (especially the first one) you should really show it. At a festival like this you have limited time (they played for about an hour), so I don't like it when they use lots of time doing jams. "White Unicorn" ended up in a The Doorsy druged out jam. I also wonder what the band had been drinking/smoking before they went on stage? They didn't exactly seem sober at stage. They still manage to deliver the goods so no complaints about it.

Finally we saw a couple of songs by Pure Love, the band of the former Gallows singer. An ok band that may have some potential.

All in all it was a great day and today should be nothing short of that either. Starting with Graveyard early in the afternoon and ending with New Order tonight. Looking forward to it!

See you at Fjellet!
Black Tusk in pouring rain.

The shoes were white before I went to the festival. And they looked even worse when I got home last night.


Timbuktu & Damn! put on a great show.

Cancer Bats, the highlight being a cool cover of Beastie Boys "Sabotage"

Wolfmother. One of the highlights of the festival so far.

Finally we saw some of the Pure Love set.

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