lördag 7 juli 2012

Skraeckoedlan - Äppelträdet

Skraeckoedlan is another one of my new favourite Swedish bands! I've recently got three "new" releases from the band.

This is their debut LP "Äppelträdet" ("The Apple Tree") released by the brilliant new record label Gaphals, last year.

This record shouldn't be good though! Stoner rock is a genre full of clichés, and "Äppelträdet" is full of them! You have your fuzzy riffs, the spaced out lyrics, you even got a fuzzy melodic instrumental song. However this really is a quality stoner record.

Basically there is just one bad ass riff after another and the band play with what seems to be a genuine love of the genre, and some of the lyrics are just brilliant- like the song about Cactus Galaxus... I would describe the sound as a mix of two of the bigger stoner/fuzz rock bands from Sweden, the more straightforward Dozer and the more spaced oout Truckfighters.

I would guess that the guys of Skraeckoedlan are fans are both of them...

A huge plus is also that some of their songs are in Swedish.

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