tisdag 17 juli 2012

Baroness - Yellow & Green vinyl!

Finally we arrived at the day where we got the new Baroness vinyl in our store! Obviously I had to bring one copy home with me.

I've listened to it a few times on various streaming services, but it's nice to finally have the product in your hands. I'm still waiting for my special edition copy sent from Relapse Records. This version is the standard black vinyl version. As Relapse is one of the worst labels to collect, I'll keep it to these two versions.

I'm really happy with the result on "Yellow & Green". It not be what you would've expected but Baroness makes their music feel fresh and forwardthinking and still bringing in some of their roots. The new album has really made some of their old fans angry about the musical path that Baroness has chosen. You could though already on the "Blue Record" hear some of what was in wait for Baroness fans. Much like Mastodon I wouldn't call Baroness a great metal band anymore, but simply a great rock 'n' roll band!

The record is a double album, clocks in at approx. 75 minutes. It's divided into two parts, simply the Yellow part and the Green part. On some editions of this vinyl the vinyls are yellow and green, which to me is quite cool. The two parts are quite similar, the green part being slightly more mellow perhaps.

All in all a great album so far!

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