lördag 14 juni 2014

Rival Sons - Great Western Valkyrie LP

I wonder if the release of this album was planned to coincide with the re-issues of Led Zeppelin's first three albums? And if it was, is it a sign of brilliance or a sign of economic suicide?

It's almost impossible to write about Rival Sons without mentioning LZ. RS play an updated version of LZ's rock 'n' roll. I even started to listen to this new album with the intention of writing a post like "why buy/listen to this record when you have Zeppelin's first three albums available?". However, this is an impressive record and for me their best yet!

In a world where The Hellacopters doesn't excist anymore we need a straight up rock 'n' roll band that brings something else to the table than just being good, or to use the Swedish Word "lagom". With "Great Western Valkyrie" Rival Sons might be able to fill this spot.

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