torsdag 22 maj 2014

Darkthrone - Black Death and Beyond vinyl box set.

Out of all the Norwegian black metal bands, Darkthrone is probably the band that I've favoured the most. I always liked the raw punky, crusty approach they had and the later albums are almost more d-beat punk than black metal. The band is still going strong as well more than 20 years into their career. Their 2013 release "The Underground Resistance" is proof of this! Also Fenriz seems like a cool dude ;) 
I received this box set today. It's sort of a greatest hits from the band on three vinyls. One is their black metal stuff, one is the more death metal oriented and the last one is the other styles (hence the name...). It's a nice box set all the vinyls are on different colours. The black metal one is obviously on black vinyl...

It also includes a huge booklet with loads and loads of pictures and stories from the band. Also included is an embrodied patch and a certificate.

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