söndag 23 mars 2014

The year so far.

So far 2014 hasn't produced the same quality of records as last year. I have only bought twelve albums released this year (if I have counted correctly) and they haven't all been too great.

The best of the year so far is probably Truckfighters' "Universe". A great stoner rock album.

Besides this album there hasn't been too much to get overly excited over.

The Mogwai album was really good, as expected.
The Beck album was good, but not great.
I'm spinning the Sunn O)))/Ulver album for the first time at the moment, a verdict on that is coming up...

The album besides Truckfighters that has made the biggest impression however is We Live In Trenches' "Life Crisis". A really cool hardcore/post-punk album released by the DIY label Farsot. Get it at the Judas Cradle Recordings store.

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