måndag 16 juni 2014

Jack White - Lazaretto - Ultra LP

I was never a big White Stripes fan, as a vinyl collector I regret that because all the vinyls go for big money! I was also a bit sceptical towards Jack White's solo debut "Blunderbuss" that was released two years ago. It took some time before I gave it an honest listen. I'm glad I did so! His first album was really good so the expectations were quite high for his new album.

The most remarkable about this album is probably the pressing of the vinyl. I'll let White himself explain the whole concept in this video:

Amazing stuff!

Mr. White is known for his vinyl interest and he was the ambassador for Record Store Day last year and for RSD this year he released the fastest produced record ever.

Luckily the music on this record isn't all that bad either. With such a special vinyl it would be sad if the music wasn't up to par but it definitely match the quality of the pressing!

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