söndag 15 juni 2014

Led Zeppelin - I - Super deluxe box set.

Led Zeppelin are finally re-issueing their old classics on vinyl! The first batch of releases includes their first three albums. They all get the same treatment. They are released as a single vinyl (with the original album remastered), a double vinyl (with some studio out takes never heard before) and as a super deluxe box set. I'm looking to get the box set of all of them!

I will by them in chronological order, they are a little pricey (understandably) so I can't afford to buy them all at once.

So I got number one a couple of weeks ago and the box set includes so much cool stuff that I'll just show you pictures of it:
The sealed box set. 

A replica of the original press kit from Atlantic Records.

A numbered art print of the cover (there is a total of 30 000 copies) 
The two records. The original album remastered on 180g by Jimmy Page. The second vinyl is filled with studio out takes previously unreleased.

The vinyl on the record player. It sounds great!

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