söndag 4 november 2012

Swans - The Seer

Now here's a record that demands your attention. "The Seer" spans over three records and has a total running time of over 90 minutes. It consists of eleven songs, three of which are over fifteen minutes long and one of them (the title track) is over after 32 minutes and 16 seconds. Impatient people have now been officially forwarned!

Swans are 30 years into their career and still creates brilliant and original music. There is practically no melodies at all on the first two and a half sides on this record on the first half on the D-side you can hear glimpses of it. The last song of the second record though is what is close to a singer/songwriter song (featuring Karen O, of Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs) on lead vocals, a beautiful piece that give you a breather before hell breaks lose!

I have to write a few lines about track listing, and the choice of order. The track listing on the vinyl is different from the one on the CD. I listened to "The Seer" a couple of times on Spotify before I got the vinyl, as it was delayed. On the CD (and on Spotify) probably the greatest piece on the album "Mother Of The World" is the second song on the album. On the vinyl version it is the seventh. I guess they did this because of the lengthy songs and they thought this was the best way to divide them over six sides of vinyl. I also like to think that they had the idea to put "Mother Of The World" and "Avatar" together on side D as this pair of songs form probably the best side on a vinyl record you will see this year!

The record ends with the title track spanning one and a half side and finally "The Seer Returns" ends the whole spectacle. After over 90 minutes with "The Seer" your still left with wanting more and that in itself is proof of the greatness of the album. This is without a doubt the most rewarding album of the year!

If you're a fan of monotone and repetitive music you're in for a real treat! Set some time aside, pour yourself a glass of wine and get lost in the soundscape of Michael Gira's creation!

I ordered my copy from the Young God Records' webstore and got it signed by Mr Swans himself!

A beautiful triple gatefold cover including a poster as well.

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