torsdag 29 november 2012

Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day.

This is the documentation of probably the biggest one-off concert in the history of music, the re-union gig of Led Zeppelin.

You probably all know the story. To get hold of one of the 18 000 tickets to this concert you had to enter a "lottery" to be able to win the opportunity to buy tickets to this concert. Rumour has it that there were two million participants...

I was living and studying in High Wycombe, England, at the time and one night I almost fell of my chair opening my e-mail inbox seeing as I've got the e-mail I never thought I would get, congratulating me on winning the opportunity two buy two tickets. I had to read the e-mail through several times before I could actually believe.

Said and done, tickets bought and on the 10th of December 2007 me and my friend Daniel was witness to my, without a doubt, biggest musical experience of my life (I have a hard time anything will ever come close). The guys really delivered the goods.

Five years later the concert has been released on various formats. I've gotten the Blu-ray version, with a bonus DVD and the concert on a double CD. The vinyl will be released in January apparently. Hopefully it will get the same nice treatment as "Mothership" and the re-release of "The Songs Remains The Same" has gotten.

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