torsdag 8 november 2012

My Bloody Valentine to release a new album this year!

It's been over 20 years since MBV released their latest album, the highly influential "Loveless". Now it seems that we'll finally hear some new material from the band.

Yesterday the news were all over the biggest music sites that Kevin Shields had announced that a new MBV album were to be released before we reached 2013, and also an EP of new material to be released on the new year.

I'm stoked about these news! I've been listening to MBV for over ten years now (long after they called it quits, that is) so I never expected to hear any new material from them. And I was actually quite happy with that, seeing the immense quality of the releases they had managed in their relatively short recording career.

A few years back I had the chance to see them at the Way Out West festival in Gothenburg and it was a great show! I had never expected to see them either so that was a great experience.

I'm trying to be mildly excited about the new release as I don't want to be disappointed. Let's hope we won't be!

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