torsdag 15 november 2012

Iron Maiden - Picture disc box set, pt. 2.

I wrote about the picture disc project of Iron Maiden in a previous blog. They will release the eight first releases starting with the self titled debut album and finish with the 1988 album "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son".

This month they released "The Number Of The Beast" and "Piece Of Mind". Two major milestones in the heavy metal genre (as are all of the seven (eight if you count "Live After Death", which is featured in this box set) first Maiden albums I guess). TNOTB features some of the best-known metal songs ever ("Run To The Hills" and the title track), and POM features some of Maiden's best work, in my opinion ("The Trooper", "Still Life", "Quest For Fire" etc.).

Essential in any collection!

Now we have to wait until January for the next two records...

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