lördag 12 maj 2012

Thåström - An expensive record

Every now and then I just go on Ebay or Tradera, or similar sites, and make some random searches for records that I either want or that I have. I like the feature on Tradera where you can search on finished auctions. I did that a few days ago when I searched for Thåström records.

I was browsing through, seeing what I already know that most of his records are sold between 500 and 900 SEK. I couldn't see any copies of the "Kärlek Är För Dom" vinyl on the first page so I continued to browse through the pages when I eventually found one copy that sold about a month ago.

The copy sold was the first pressing on black vinyl. This edition was printed in 500 copies and is also hand numbered.

I thought that the "Mannen Som Blev En Gris" and "Det Är Ni Som E Dom Konstiga..." records were the most valuables, almost always selling for over 1 000 SEK and then "Skebokvarnsv..." right behind them with sells on abou 800-900 SEK. Turns out I was wrong...

The first press of the "Kärlek Är För Dom" record that i found, apparently sold for over 2 000 SEK! That's always satisfying to find when you own the record yourself!

I only got the first edition that is numbered and on black vinyl. It was also released in 500 copies on clear transparent vinyl which I didn't get.

The latest record though, "Beväpna Dig Med Vingar" I've got two editions of (first press on black vinyl and second press on clear on this one as well) and I'll probably get the third one as well on yellow vinyl. Who knows, maybe in four years they have also increased that much in value!? (they already sell for almost 500SEK).

This make my "Kärlek Är För Dom" vinyl one of my most valuable records!

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