fredag 11 maj 2012

Record Store Day releases.

As  I said in my previous post, I am gonna post about some of the releases I got for myself on RSD.

As mentioned there were a lot of records released for this day and the two biggest releases for me were these two:

These are two split singles by Mastodon. The pink one is with The Flaming Lips, where both bands perform their own versions of the same Flaming Lips song "A Spoonfull Weighs A Ton". The other one is a split with Feist. On this one Feist performs a Mastodon song in her own version and Mastodon performs one of hers. Since the style of music is so different between these two it's very fun and interesting to hear the different takes on these songs. Both songs taken from two of the best albums last year.

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  1. Nice stuff! Unfortunately i couldn't get my hand on either one of these. And i refuse to pay shitloads on eBay for them either, so bad luck...
    Although i'm happy with what i managed to get: http://thefinevinyl.blogspot.com/search/label/rsd12