tisdag 15 maj 2012

The Mars Volta!

Hm, for some reason this blog got bumped up when I was updating some stuff... Ah well...

Today I got a new "normal" CD for the first time in a very long time! Last year I got the special edition "Siamese Dreams" on CD. I have a hard time remembering which was the last CD I bought before that.

The CD I got today is the new record from The Mars Volta. The vinyl edition of this record isn't released until late May, but I can't wait that long to hear the album! It's supposed to be released on Monday (once again working in a record shop pays out...) and I'm having my first listen right now. I had only heard one song from the album before hand, "The Malkin Jewel", which I really fell for.

I've been listening almost non-stop to TMV, and At The Drive-In (the hardcore band that Omar and Cedric played in before they formed TMV) this entire year. TMV is just such a great band and you can always go back to earlier releases and still here something "new" there's just so much brilliance going on at once...
So, how does the new record rank with the other releases? I've only had one listen so far so I can't really rank it yet, TMV have always been a super progressive band and the records always grows on you. While the latest record Octahedron (which could be one of the last CDs I bought... for similar reasons as to why I've bought the new record) was TMV's most accessible record and the sophomore record "Frances The Mute" probably is the least, "Noctourniquet" probably lands right in the middle of these two, "accessible-wise".

I'll have to get back on my final thoughts of the album. Perhaps in May when I get the vinyl!?

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