lördag 10 mars 2012

Leaders of the extreme

On the front cover of Napalm Death's new album there's a sticker that says what the title of this blog post is.

ND have been around for nearly 30 years playing extreme music. They started out as a grindcore band and, except for some weird stuff in the 90's, that's what they've been since.

This record "Utilitarian" is their 15th full length! They sound as vital as ever. ND have in later years had a great mix of death metal and grindcore and this record builds on the same recipe. There are also a few surprises. How about a saxophone solo on a grindcore record!? Never thought I'd see that...

There's a great story about how this extremely influential band got back to their roots of playing grindcore again. That is one of when Shane Embury (ND's bass player since the 80's and competing with The Melvin's Buzz Osborne with the coolest hair do in music business) heard the debut album of a Swedish grindcore band Nasum. This really is a "build up" to a future blog about my Nasum collection...

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