fredag 23 mars 2012

Iron Maiden-En Vivo!

The new The Mars Volta album wasn't the only album I picked up yesterday. The band that has grown to be one of my big favourites, Iron Maiden, have come out with a new release for the fifth year in a row.

Two of these records have been compilations, one has been a full length studio album and one of them was a live album.

The new release is entitled "En Vivo!" and this is also a live album (three years after the last one...) and it's a concert they did in Chile. I haven't listened to it yet and I'm not sure I ever will, I still haven't heard the "Flight 666" album... I'm not a huge fan of live albums actually, I prefer to listen to studio albums. I'll probably buy the "En Vivo" blu-ray so I can play it on our TV we'll just have to get a new soundsystem for the TV to make Iron Maiden (and other concert DVDs and blu-rays) justice!

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