torsdag 4 augusti 2011

Bon Iver

Yesterday I bought this record from our store:

So that's quite random you ask to buy the first Bon Iver album, just like that? Well the reason is simply this:

A few weeks ago I bought the new selftitled Bon Iver album and I've been listeningen to it almost non-stop eversince. What a great album! I have a very special relationship to these types of bands, the very low key singer/songwriter types of bands. A lot of people have been hailing the new Iron & Wine album that came i February for example, but I've yet to find out the brilliance of that album. It's the same thing with the new Fleet Foxes that came earlier this year. There's just something missing for me. I guess you would call this type of music indie pop/rock? It's quite a broad description and these bands that I've mentioned are all a lot different, but I would still put them in the same genre.

So to get back to Bon Iver... When there actually is a band within this genre I like, it's pure magic! This album does not only feature the best song of the year (opening track "Perth"), it's a beautiful journey from start to, almost, finish. The last song "Beth/Rest" sounds like it could have been on the Top Gun soundtrack or something. I don't know if Vernon is serious with this song or if he's being funny, I hope for the latter because in that case- it's hilarious!

So far I've listened to "For Emma..." two times and it's really promising. It's more "a-man-and-his-guitar" kind of music, which I'm not that big a fan of as you're supposed to be I guess. But like I said, when that kidn of music hits me, it hits me hard!

A live version of "Perth" in decent quality:

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