söndag 7 augusti 2011

Iron Maiden

One year ago I bought the last Iron Maiden album "The Final Frontier". I wrote a blog post in which I mentioned my very small Maiden collection and that it needed to grow.

A year has passed and here's the latest release that I picked up from the store yesterday:

This is a compilation of the band's last 20 years and it's also a follow up to the 2008 compilation "Somewhere Back In Time" which compiled the first ten years.

So, a year ago my Maiden collection consisted of only three vinyls. "Killers", "Piece Of Mind" and "The Final Frontier". Since then the collection has grew considerably and at the moment I've got 31 LPs, 12" singles and 7" singles. I've got at least one copy of every full length album the band has released except for the two albums they recorded with Blaze Bayley in the mid 90s and also Bruce Dickinson's comeback album "Brave New World". These are all quite expensive at around £50 or more, so we'll se when I'll get my hands on those. Iron Maiden is such a fun band to collect since there are so much to collect and luckily some stuff are relatively cheap. So far I'm trying to limit myself to just collecting UK and Japanese versions of the full-lengths. Let's see how long that lasts... The singles I want all copies though;)

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