söndag 12 juni 2011

Stupid ebay seller!!!

I am really irritated right now! I just won three auctions on ebay.

I bought early editions of these three vinyls:
Led Zeppelin - I
Led Zeppelin - IV
Frank Zappa - Hot Rats

The total amount I won them for was only £17 so I was really happy. And I just received this e-mail:
Dear cirkusnisse,


I am very sorry for the inconvenience after you following the auction for the Frank Zappa vinyl record but the items are going to be withdrawn from sale.

I have spoke to Rob Bellars who's collection these belong to and the feedback I got was that not nearly enough interest was shown, and he is not willing to sell at such low prices.

I understand that these items were listed at a low amount, the reason being to attract a greater field of bidders, a strategy which eBay itself recommends.

Again I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for the interest shown.

Mark, on behalf of Rob Bellars.

p.s. Do not make any payment for this auction.

- charmmonkey
I replied with this and I'm still waiting for an answer:

Thank you for your e-mail. However I do not agree with your notes.

When you list an item on ebay you accept the risk that your item might not get the attention an item like this might deserve. Like you say, a low starting price normally attracts more buyers but you also have to take into account that they actually might not get the attraction. In this case it's probably due to bad auctioning on your part with no picture and little information. But when you do list an item you commit to a possible sell if the auction gets a bid which all three items I bought got.

You can't just "try it out" and "see if it works".

A not completed auction from your part will result in negative feedback from me and an e-mail to ebay.

Best regards,

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