måndag 9 maj 2011

Opeth record store day release.

The 16th of April marked the fourth year of the "Record Store Day", celebrating independent record stores such as The Garden for example.

On this day there are several releases that are supposed to be available only on this day. I've got my self two of these releases. The first one I've already written about (the Foo Fighters "Medium Rare" vinyl). The second one I got I had to order of of Discogs as I wasn't able to get it in the store.

The release is the second 7" vinyl release from Opeth. The song featured is "The Throat Of Winter" which was featured in the video game God Of War and on the soundtrack of said game. It has only been available as an mp3 download earlier so it's about time it saw a "real" release.

The song is quite different from anything that Opeth has ever done before and the singer and main songwriter Mikael Åkerfeldt said that this is what he was aiming for so I guess he succeeded.

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