onsdag 11 maj 2011

The Haunted - Unseen.

One thing that I really like about a lot of vinyl releases today is that you get a CD of the the album you buy in addition to the vinyl. The car is really a great place to listen to music but it's not very easy to listen to vinyl while driving:)

One of the more recent releases that had a CD as an extra feature was the new album buy the Swedish thrash metallers The Haunted. It has been playing non-stop in the car since i got it.

The Haunted has been one of my favourite metalbands and they have gradually moved away from a pure thrashmetal sound and on this record there are a few songs I wouldn't even call metal, it's great music though! This is a band that 15 years on in their career they still keeps developing in a positive manor. The record is on Spotify and especially the song "Disappear" has really caught my ear.

The Haunted is the band every In Flames fan SHOULD listen to;)

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