söndag 29 december 2013

2013, top 5!

1. Deafheaven - Sunbather
I was trying really hard to put a record a head of Deafheaven's Sunbather this year. It's been really hyped and it tops a lot of end of the year lists. At the end of the day there hasn't been a hype more justified than the one about Deafheaven in 2013. What a masterpiece they have delivered. A few words written earlier.

2. My Bloody Valentine - M B V
My Bloody Valentine 22 years later... Who could have expected that they would return the way they did with M B V? I wrote a few words about the album in March this year.

3. Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Mind Control
On my Instagram account, I wrote "What would The Beatles sound like if they would have been around today and played stoner metal? Well maybe something like this brilliant album!". I still feel that this is a perfect description of the record and the band.

4. Subrosa - More Constant Than The Gods
The most dynamic sludge/doom record of the year. A lot has been written in alternative press about the album and the band line-up, with two violins in the mix and three female singers. There are so many elements on this record a part from the typical heavy incredible riffage that is always apparent in a great doom record. You also have some folksy in slow parts as well which make this the best doom record of the year!

5. Russian Circles - Memorial
The most beautiful album of 2013!

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