måndag 21 januari 2013

Swedish punk compilation needs your support!

One of the scenes that are closest to my heart is the Swedish punk scene and the sub scenes connected to it. I did collect some punk stuff earlier when I was living home in Sweden. I got in touch with a lot of cool people and when I was living close to Stockholm it was easy to go to concerts as well, good times!

As of late it's been easier to "re-connect" with the Swedish punk scene due to some small labels that have poped up lately.

Recently I heard about a project that Mikael Sörling is running. I know him as a punk writer in the Swedish metal/punk magazine Close-up Magazine, and he has his own blog at sirling.blogspot.com. He's compiled a list of songs from Swedish punk bands that he's looking to release as a double vinyl. He needs some support a head of this release. I've "donated" for two copies, one for The Garden and one for myself. So if you like the Swedish punk scene, please support! I'm really looking forward to this release.

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