tisdag 18 december 2012

Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind is finally here

Now this little piece of paper, I've been waiting to receive for a very long time! It's an "avi" from the post office, to get my copies of the Converge record All We Love We Leave Behind. I pre-ordered it sometime in August, if I'm not mistaking, and it had a release date early October. 

However the vinyls have been delayed. From what I can understand the Converge records were next in line to be printed after the Beatles vinyls that was released in November and this took more time than expected or something... Strange that The Beatles are prioritized over Converge, huh?

Anyways, tomorrow I'll go to the post office to trade it in, so that I'll finally hold in my hand, the vinyl record containing probably the best collection of music released this year!

Expect a post tomorrow!

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