lördag 8 oktober 2011

A blog for the ladies!

I'm sitting here at the moment listening to the latest St. Vincent vinyl "Strange Mercy". St. Vincent is the moniker Annie Erin Clark uses for this band. As she's signed to 4AD and Pitchfork gave the album 9/10 and the title "Best new music" I had to check it out.

It's a great record that doesn't sound like much else that I've heard lately. I get PJ Harvey vibes from the record, without the record actually sounding anything at all like PJ Harvey. It got me thinking...

Some of the best records this year ("Strange Mercy" has to be included, it's really good!) are by St. Vincent, PJ Harvey and Lykke Li. We have an upcoming release by Björk next week which might make this trio in to a foursome. All these women have created albums this year that is something out of the ordinary, weirdly beautiful each and every one of them and none of them sound like the other.

Everyone is doing really unconventional music and succeeds with it without it being weird for weirdness sake but actually good!

Go unique women!

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