söndag 23 oktober 2011

Album of the year project 2nd post.

The second match-up also features a Norwegian band. They're up against the mellow singer/songwriter music of Sam Beam's moniker Iron & Wine.
2011 has really been a triumphant year here in Norway for the Stavanger  based collective. From this record alone they have had three huge hits that's been playing non-stop on the Norwegian radio stations. The three songs are really hit friendly and catchy tunes, add the twist of gypsy influenced accordians and harmoniums and you have a recipe for success apparently. They have had headlining spots at the biggest Norwegian festivals Öya and Slottsfjell and have grown from, probably, the biggest Norwegian band as of today to even bigger.

So, does the music live up to the hype? The Violeta Violeta project is a trilogy of records and this one was released in January marking the first one. The second one is set to be released on 11.11.11. They have already released two singles from the upcoming album, which means they have had five frequently played singles on radio since August last year. The hits are without a doubt brilliant songs unfortunately the rest of the album can't really live up to that standard. There are some quality songs other than these three but there are a few that, for me, are just fillers. It's an impressive project that they've taken on and I'm looking forward to explore the next two releases.

The Iron & Wine album is one of these low key singer/songwriter albums that really isn't my cup of tea. I get easily bored with records like these. I don't know why but there's just something there that doesn't catch my ears. However, if there is a record within this genre that I like, I listen to it more or less non-stop. There are few of these but when that one record comes it is great! There is at least one of those records released this year, but is this the one? No, not really. It is a good album but for me, it lacks that little bit of magic to make it a classic. It's an even record without any real lows, but I miss the highs for it to be a record of my taste.

Conclusion: "Kiss Each Other Clean" might be a more even record over all, but with the strength of the good songs that are on "Violeta, Violeta, Vol. 1" the Norwegians will progress to the next level.

Next up is Wino vs. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead.

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