fredag 25 oktober 2013

Pelican - Forever Becoming

From Southern Lord comes one of the best releases so far this year, Pelican's "Forever Becoming".

This is Pelican's fifth album and it might be their strongest to date. They're an instrumental progressive metal band which might sound a bit boring but this is far from it! Why add a vocal if it doesn't enhance the music? Every instrument and every note is there for a reason.

The single from the album "Deny The Absloute" was the first song I heard and so far it stands out as the strongest point of the record, maybe together with the brilliantly beautiful closing track "Perpetual Dawn".

Southern Lord always put out a quality product, not only music wise, but the vinyl product. Heavy weight vinyl and beautiful gatefold sleeve. They deliver the goods as always! My copy is on orange and blue vinyl, it was the first version available and sold out the 500 copies fast on pre-order.

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