lördag 9 februari 2013

My Ljudkassett collection

This is a picture of my complete collection of Ljudkassett releases so far.

I've mentioned this brilliant new label a few times earlier. I was lucky enough to just have discovered the band Skogen Brinner when they were to release a cassette on the newly started label Ljudkassett. This release was the labels first and it was released simultaneously with number two, "Too Fast For Ove" by Massgrav. I was impressed by the two first releases so I decided to buy the next one as well. And that I'm really happy about! The third release was by the band Goat which grew extremely fast last year and eventually ended up releasing one of the most praised and best albums of the year. Since the cassette was a limited release of only 100 copies it has increased insanely in price. I got it for under 100 SEK and if you want it today it seems to cost at least five times that, for a cassette!

Since then the label has had a steady flow of quality releases in more or less any genre, which I find to be great! I have been lucky to not miss out on any so far, some of them seem to sell out within a day or two. The last one I actually bought while I was in my bosses office, waiting for her to set up for a meeting we were supposed to have. Luckily for me I got the Salem's Pot cassette as it was soon sold out.

I'm looking forward to more great releases from the label and I'll hopefully be able to get my hands on every single one of them!

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