måndag 19 september 2011

Hidden gems from my dad's old collection.

I owe my huge music interest more or less all to my dad. As a kid I remember looking through his vinyl collection looking for cool records to listen to. So I picked out The Beatles, David Bowie, The Clash, Eagles vinyl etc. etc. from his collection and I've been listening to it for a long time.

Recently I've been going through his collection once again picking out vinyl that I want in my collection and I think I left with about 200 vinyls when I did that. Most recently I took all of his 7" singles as well. There are about 3-400 of them from his collection and I can add about 200 probably that I've bought through the years. I add all of these into two different databases, one is a simple excel form that I simply put in the information of the record: artist, title, record company, year, format, genre. The other one I use is Discogs.

Today I was adding the last batch of singles that I've gotten from my dad, and to my surprise there was one single that is worth quite a lot of money
Mandarines - EP
Mandarines is a Swedish band from the late 70's that I hadn't really heard of until today I listened to this EP and it's actually quite good. Some nice powerpop/punk. The guitarist, Janne Andersson, later came to play with Japop, Ulf Lundell and Gyllene Tider to name a few. 
I searched them on Discogs to add this release to my collection and when I get to the release page I see that there is one copy of this for sale. The price is an unbelievable £115.99! Sometimes the sellers on Discogs can put insane prices on quite random releases so I went to popsike to see what it had sold for on ebay and it's selling for somewhere between 80-150 US dollars! A recent sell on ebay (from february this year) shows an ending price of $142. Insane, to say the least!

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